Piney Bay Coffee Company

Piney Bay Coffee Company started as way to to give back to groups and organizations thru fund raising. Because of the interest and feedback, they are opening up an official coffee shop, and are excited about opening our doors very soon!

M1 Purchasing

M1 Purchasing is making a difference. Clarksville Proud, M1 sources locally first and foremost, looking outside the area if and only if local vendors cannot at least meet (if not beat) pricing that can be found elsewhere. Making it easy to do business, there are no contracts or long term agreements. Give them a try, all it can do is save you many on the goods and services that you use daily.


Become a Certified CCS Medical Coder in as little as 48 weeks. Take classes online from your home for a job that you can do remotely.

Refill Tomorrow

Refill Tomorrow’s experience extends beyond site clean up & collections. We have looked for clean, renewable energy sources outside the box, such as TDF or Tire Derived Fuel as well as MSW, or Municipal Solid Waste.

Refill Tomorrow: Not your typical contractor.

M1 Healthcare

We are a Veteran Owned Small Business.  Medical Coding, Staffing, Audits, Revenue Stream, CDI, and Transcription are just some of the HIM services that we provide.

Proudly serving our customers with zero oversea outsourcing, and 100% of our employees both residing in and are citizens of the United States.

Cross Outreach

How is Cross Outreach different?

We believe in helping others help themselves.  We can elevate education and trade skills that allow villages and communities to continue to improve on their own. We believe that non-profit work should be 100% transparent.  Everyone should be able to look at not only the works of Cross Outreach, but also the finances.

Manufacturing Resources

Prototyping, engineering and design. These are the tools and experience that Manufacturing Resources brings to business both large and small.

Josh Creative

We are video creators, photographers and social media marketing experts from Arkansas. Storytellers at heart, we are pros at crafting content for today’s digital landscape. We have an innovative way of visually telling your story through powerful imagery and relentless dedication, and have worked with social media influencers such as Brandon Farris, as well as large corporations like Can-Am, Lowe Boats, and more. We have shot everything from small production sets to full documentaries as well as tv series. Some of our work has been featured on media outlets like Forbes, Binge Networks and more. So when you are ready to visually stand out in today’s market and create some killer content We are ready to help.